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A Favourite Number!

Today we were learning all about number 16! Ela was very excited. She told us that 16 is her favourite number. Mrs Thieme asked her why. She replied “Liesel is 16. Further interrogation from Mrs Thieme revealed that Liesel is from “The Sound of Music”. Silly Mrs Thieme!  She should have known immediately. A few […]

The Gingerbread Man Returns!

We  waited very impatiently till the  next day to interview Mrs Defiddes to find out if she really was an innocent victim of this mystery! Most of us know her really well and we know she could never ever partake in such a criminal act!! Mrs Defiddes came in and explained it all. After searching […]

News Flash! A Missing Gingerbread Man!

 There was great excitement in LA4!!!! It all started this morning! To our horror we discovered the Gingerbread man we had made for Mrs Press had run away. We were just heartbroken when Mrs Mitchell let out a shriek from the kitchen  and appeared with the empty plate. Just a few crumbs was all  that […]

True Love!

Ella-Rose, Elaina and Tom were all playing happily together in the home corner! Apparently Tom was playing at  being the Dad, Elaina the mum and Ella-Rose the dog! Ella-Rose informed Mrs Thieme that Tom was going to marry both her and Elaina. Elaina disagreed  with this statement and announced that “You can only marry one […]

On the Weekend!

Exciting news! For the first time we did not talk about our weekend, we had a go at WRITING about it! On the weekend……………………… I went to 3 parties.I went to Tom’s and I went to Chris’s and I went to Jade’s party. Gracie I went to the shops. I go with Ayesha. Ahmed I […]

Cooking Gingerbread Men and Ladies!

Today we made our Gingerbread men  and women! It was fun! We had to roll out the dough and decorate our little men with  M and M’s!!  We had to make sure none of our little Gingerbread men would escape! We know how cheeky they are! 

Tyanu’s Birthday Interview!

Tyanu turned 5 today  and  was interviewed by Sebastian (alias Mrs Thieme ) and answered the following questions! 1 Who are your most favourite people in the world? Lilly 2 What is your favourite colour?  Green.  3 What do you like to watch on TV? Football. 4 What sport do you like best? Football. 5 […]

Happy Birthday Tyanu!

Happy 5th Birthday Tyanu! We hope you have the BEST day! From all your friends in Pre Primary!  

How I Could Trick the Wolf!

  We had a go at writing how we would trick the wolf! We came up with some pretty creative ideas! A few were pretty violent  and some a little bit on the extreme side but hey, that wolf was not a nice chap! To trick the wolf ……………………….. I will put a real life […]

Sh Words!!

  We have been been learning all about the sound ‘SH” We came up with so many! Some were long, some were short and only one or two were a bit rude! Tom came up with the great word “Shrink” Mrs Thieme asked him to explain the word shrink. “You shrink if you don’t eat […]