On the Weekend!

On the weekend………..

We told Mrs Thieme one thing about our weekend!

I went to my friend’s house and they had a swimming pool but it’s not fixed. Sabrina

I went to Juno’s house and played with Juno. Zoe

I went to Mullaloo for a swim. Spencer

I went to Paw Patrol in the city. All the people had their cars. Mason

Me and Anya were playing Barbies. Ella-Rose

I went to Chipmunks and there was a big playground and I played with Grace M. Tyanu

I went to the water fountain. I got up to the bridge. Ahmed

I hurt my lip. This is a bit not funny. I was jumping on my bed. Declan

I had a movie at my house and I went to Chipmunks. Grace M

I went to the beach. Sean

I stayed at home on the couch and watched a movie. I was also sick. Noah

I saw Matilda and I saw the characters coming out. Ela

I went for my Pop’s birthday. He is seventy and I saw a dinosaur. Lilly

For dinner my mum made bacon and eggs. Gracie

I went tot he river with my dad and I saw a dolphin, just the fin. Bailey

I played football and I watched football. Callan

I watched “The Lady and the Tramp” movie. Scarlet

I went to footy. My brother played footy. Tom

I went camping and mum made bacon and eyes for breakfast. Tori

I went on a holiday. I went to look for crabs and I caught one. Cameron

Me and mummy went to the park with daddy. Grace H

I made my little sister some presents because I wanted to make her happy. Elaina

I went apple picking with my family. I ate a couple. Ben



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