Our Magic Bean Jar!

Mrs Thieme told us that just like Jack and the Beanstalk,she was bringing in beans on Friday. We had to guess what type of beans.

We had a few guesses!

Broad beans. Declan

Baby Beans. Ela

Green beans. Mason

Baked beans. Grace H

Cooked beans. Gracie

Black beans. Lilly

Luckily Ahmed guessed that they were jelly beans!!!! We all agreed that those are the best type of bean!

Luckily Mrs Thieme was not throwing them out of the window. They were in a jar. We had to guess how many jellybeans were in the jar! Our guesses varied! From 13 to one million!!!!!!!!!! Wow! Once we all had a guess, we counted them ……there was 196!!!!!!! The closest guess was Noah with 10o!  We then got to eat them! Yummy!


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