My Teacher Sleeps in School!

We read the really funny book, “My Teacher Sleeps in School!”

It got us all thinking! Did Mrs Thieme live in the classroom? After all she was always there where we got to school and she was always there when we left!!!!!!!

Mason  and Elaina were totally convinced. Mason thought the mat was a good place to sleep but Elaina thought the book corner with cushions was more comfortable. Zoe agreed that Mrs Thieme was always at school! Declan thought the roof would not be a bad spot! A few of us thought the toilets were handy as there was a sink and soap and towels there! .

There were of course those of us that were not too sure.  Lilly and Ela had their doubts  and asked Mrs Thieme “Do you really live in school?” Others  were not convinced either!

So we had to look for clues!!!! Could it be true? Could Mrs Thieme really sleep in school?

We searched the classroom for evidence!!!!!!! Our detective skills were soon rewarded. Tucked in on the windowsill above the sinks Callan found the proof he needed! Mrs Thieme’s toothpaste and tooth brush! !  By now everyone was very excited and we were all searching!!

Then Spencer found her teddy ! That was the best proof we could have!!!!!!

It wasn’t long before  Mrs Thieme’s slippers were found near the home corner and her Sponge Bob pyjamas were near the computer.

Surely this was concrete evidence! We made Mrs Thieme put on the pyjamas and the slippers  to make sure they really were hers!!

They fitted perfectly!!!!! Now we know for sure!!!!!!!!!! Without a doubt Mrs Thieme sleeps at school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Jessica · · Reply

    Oh my goodness I just love this! Just wait Tanya they will all be asking to sleep at school soon!!!!!


    1. Thanks Jessica! It was such fun! They were going crazy searching the classroom for clues! 🙂


  2. Angel · · Reply

    What a fantastic and fun idea!…. no wonder Ela has been asking me how old she needs to be for sleepovers!!!


    1. Can just imagine Ela asking that! It was such fun! I have a great job! 🙂


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