House on Fire!

If my house was on  fire and I could only save two things what would I save and why?

My bike and my scooter because I ride them a lot. Callan

My Ninja Turtles, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo. Lilly

My blankie and my bike because I love them and my two fish because they’re so cute and they are both brothers. Ela

My mummy and daddy because I love them and Georgie my teddy bear. Grace M

My family because they are nice to me. Tori

My Paw Patrol and my Lego because I love them. Cameron

My toys and my Barbies because I like to play with them. Scarlet

A train because I play with it. Ahmed

My ipad because I love watching games on it. Oh and my doggy Winston. Grace H

My teddy called Baboo because I love him so much. Ella-Rose

My cat Pascal because I love him. Declan

My bike and my sisters and my mum and my dad. Bailey

My Batman and my spider amn because they are my favourite toys and my race cars. Mason

My dolly and my teddy because I play with them. Sabrina

My transformers because I like them and I can transform. Spencer

My brother Jesse and my computer because Jesse is my brother and I love him and my computer because it has Roblox and Roblox studio. Noah

My dog Lottie because I love her. Tom

My mum and my blankie because my blankie is so warm and I like kissing and hugging my mum. Gracie

My family and my little toy rabbit and my computer and my dog because I love them. Elaina

My bed and my teddies because I like sleeping and I love cuddling my teddies.Ben

My dog and my pink bunny and my bike because I love my dog and I hug my pink bunny and I ride my bike a lot. Zoe

Just beautiful answers!



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