Yoghurt or Yoghurt?

Today we learned all about the letter “Y”. Our song and action for this sound is all about eating yoghurt.

Then came the dilemma…not only can yoghurt be spelt differently as in yogurt but it can also be pronounced differently!

It can be pronounced yoghurt with the long o sound as in yo-yo. It can also be pronounced with the short o sound to rhyme with jog.

Mrs Thieme and Mrs Mitchell believe there is only one way to pronounce yoghurt and that is the one that rhymes with jog!

They got us to make two lines to prove their point. Unfortunately for them, they did not have much support and their line was extremely short. Only Grace H and Gracie joined them!

Grace M told us that she actually uses both pronunciations so Mrs Thieme asked her which line she wanted to choose. She was quick to move to the popular line with most of the class in it! 🙂

Ben declared the yoghurt pronunciation  as in yo-yo, the winners!

Mrs Thieme and Mrs Mitchell were not happy!


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