As we are looking at the book “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” we discussed bridges!

It needs to be made of metal. Ela

Bridges are  wobbly. Ahmed

Bridges are for people to walk on. Lilly

I went on a bridge in Bali with my nanna and poppa. Tori

A bridge needs bars so we can hold on and don’t fall off. Tom

It’s so we don’t fall in the river. Callan

I’ve been on a bridge on the freeway. Cameron

A bridge can be wiggly. Emily

You need a bridge so you can cross over. Ben

I went to the zoo and I saw dinosaurs and I saw a bridge. Lilly

They need to be straight  and have wood coming out of them . Mason

On a bridge maybe there is something that can measure how heavy you are before you go on it and if you are too heavy then you can not go on it. Ela

When I go in a car we go over a bridge and we always say  we are going over a bridge Elaina

I’ve been to a bridge in Kings Park and there are bushes underneath. Sabrina

There is a bridge at golf. A little one. Tom

I’ve been on a bridge at Leapfrogs. Ela

Me and daddy and mummy went over a bridge at the zoo. Grace H

I have seen a bridge in the jungle. It was a jungle bridge. Zoe

I saw a bridge near the motorbike shop when I was looking at motorbikes. It was over the water. Mason




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