We are Authors!

Mrs Thieme showed us three props! A load of bread, some seeds and a little plastic hen. She told us to come up with a story that included these items. We were encouraged to use our imagination and any extra characters we wanted to. We tried to make our stories make sense!

A few of us were a bit distracted and wanted to taste the bread! We soon changed our minds when we realised it was as hard as rock!

One day a farmer growed some wheat and bread. A chicken came and the farmer trained him so he could ride the chicken.The End Declan

 One day there was a bird and he was eating some seeds and bread. He was so full and then he popped. The End Emily

 One early morning the dad went outside. He rides his horse and then he fell off. Then the chicken came along and then it started to peck the horse and then the horse died. The chicken ate the seeds and for morning tea they had bread. The End Bailey

 Once upon a time there was seeds on a flower and the dragon ate the seeds.  I was inside the seeds and when the dragon ate them I went inside his tummy. The chicken was inside the bread and the dragon ate the bread and the chicken got me out of the tummy. A butterfly came and then it helped the chicken get me out. The End Gracie

 Once upon a time there was two girls. They were looking for the chicken. They found a flower and bread. Then they went to the beach and a wave came.  They went in the water and they stayed in the water. Then they went back home. The chicken was their pet. They lived happily ever after. Sabrina

 Once upon a time there was a Spider-Man. Then he found a chicken and some seeds and some bread. He took the bread and the seeds and the chicken home and they lived happily ever after.  Lilly

 Once upon a time there was some bread sitting along. It walked and walked and it met a chicken. Then the chicken got scared of the bread and then the chicken squeaked. Then he runned away. Then the bread run after him. Then the chicken met seeds. The chicken chased after the seeds and then the seeds splashed into a messy puddle and the bread bumped into the chicken and they all splashed in the muddy puddle with a big splash.The End Elaina

 Once upon a time there was a little chicken. She was trying to find her mum but she didn’t have her breakfast yet. She walked along to find her mum and then she found some bread lying on the floor by the farm. Then she keeped walking along and she found some seeds. Then she keeped walking along and she found her mum. They ate their breakfast and that’s the end of the story. Grace M

  Once upon a time in the early morning, the farmer was planting seeds. He found bread and he took it inside and he chopped it up for his family. The chicken was digging for it. The family ate it with their hands. They put cucumber on it and they all lived happily ever after. Callan

  Once upon a time there was a farmer and he planted a big apple and a big banana. When it was night time a baddie came and stole the apple and the bananas. There was a big bread and the big bread was chasing after the hen. The hen ate the bread. They all lived happily ever after. Mason

Once upon a time there was little chicken who walked along to find bread so he could eat it. At the night a robber took the bread but the chicken got the bread and ate it up. The chicken planted some seeds to get some bread. The End Ben

 Once upon a time there was a chicken and his friend the sun. There was an obstacle course and in the river there was sharks and crocodiles. The sun and the chicken were so scared. They go back home with each other and they played and they found bread in their vegetable patch and they dragged it to their house.The End Tom

 One day there was a mum and she growed seeds. They had a chicken and the seeds were not for the chicken. They were for the bird. But the chicken ate the seeds. So they grew more. Then the birds ate them. The dad grew bread and then they pulled the bread out of the ground and they had some bread.The End.  Tori


There is a crocodile in the sea. The chicken is so scared of the crocodile. He eats the chicken and he eats the bread. The seeds fall in water. Crocodile eats seeds. He popped. Ahmed

Once upon a time there was a little chicken. He found a bread.  He eat it all up. He was full. The sun was nearly down. The seeds grow. He went home and there was the bread outside. Ella-Rose

 Once upon a time there was a chicken and he ate  and he saw some seeds and a loaf of bread. He ate them all up and he got wet because it was raining. He loved the rain because he liked being wet and he loved to splash in muddy puddles. The sun was neatly down so he had a little sleep and then it was morning.  So he played until it was night.The End Zoe

  Once upon a time there was a little boy. He was starving and the chicken too. Then he found a loaf of big bread and he was going to ask his mum if he could have it for breakfast and dinner. The chicken was stuck in the chicken coop. Then the chicken got out of the chicken coop and the chicken ran and ate the bread with the boy.The End Spencer

 Once upon a time there was chick. There was a big, big, big, big load of bread. The chicken ate it all up. Then he saw some seeds. He ate them up. Then he ate some seeds and he got fat.The End Cameron

 One day the hen went on a boat out in the sea. He was dropping little seeds for the fish and the fish were eating them. Then it started to rain and he got out of the boat. He went home and he saw some bread and he wanted to eat it.  And he ate it.The End Scarlet

 Once upon a time there lived a hen and he was walking on some grass and he saw some seeds. He ate them. He kept walking and he saw some bread. He saw a plant so he put the bread in the plant. He went back home and he had a rest and then a sleep.The End. Grace H

 Once upon a time there was an old man. He had a chicken. The chicken found the bread. The chicken eat the bread. Sean

 Once upon a time there was a little chicken. It growed an egg and grandpa came out of his house and put some seeds on the grass for the birds. The chicken ate them. Then Nana put the bread on the grass and she was going to get the bread and then the birds ate the bread.The End Noah



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