Mothers Day Concert!


We were very excited about our Mothers day concert today! We were very good at remembering all our words as we had a lot to learn!!!!!!!! in a very short time!!!!!

 We were really under the pump !!!!

Rehearsals were fun, well we thought so….not too sure about Mrs Thieme……she did look a bit stressed at times!!!

Not everything went according to plan during rehearsal. Some of us did not like the person we had to stand next to and felt they were too close to us……so the best remedy for that is a big dig with the elbow into their ribs!!!!!.

At one point during rehearsals a few children in the back row complained that they were standing for too long and needed a chair!!!!!!

Mrs Thieme had to remind us that the little hand props were not swords or poking sticks! 🙂

For the Alphabet song we were only supposed to hold up the letter that was being sung about! Some of us got so carried away we just had to hold up our letter 26 times! 🙂

We had to remember to sing and smile and above all no nose picking!!!!

Some of us got stage fright! That’s OK! We are still only 4 or 5 years old. Mrs Thieme knows adults that get stage fright!

We are all gorgeous kids and we did a fabulous job!

Mrs Thieme and Mrs Mitchell were so proud of us!




  1. Janette · · Reply

    Everyone did such a wonderful job, and I don’t think any mummy left without a big proud smile of complete love on their face. Thank you for an absolutely awesome performance. Xx


    1. Thanks Janette! They did an amazing job! 🙂


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