My Little Hand Rhyme!

We were so good at learning all these words. Mrs Thieme and Mrs Mitchell were so proud of us!

Mum here is my little hand

It is for you for keeps

I made it for Mothers Day

to show I love you heaps!

I know my hand can be naughty

Leaves muddy prints on the wall.

Scatters the blocks all over my room

Drops biscuit crumbs down the hall.

It’s also the hand that smashes the vase

Sending the flowers hurling to the floor..

It’s the hand that lets go of the cricket bat

Straight though the window of next door!

But its the hand that paints you pictures

The hand that waves you goodbye

The hand that reaches out to you

When I feel I need a cry.

My little hand is also the one

That is learning to write

It’s the hand that snuggles into yours

The hand you hold so tight.

So mum take my little hand

Even if it’s mucky.

You’re my mum And I’m your kid.

Boy aren’t we just so lucky!

( T.Thieme )





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