On the Weekend!

On the weekend……………………………………………

I went to my Nana’s house. I had breakfast and we had spring rolls and swam in the pool and when I got home I burnt my finger in the fire. Tori

I went in the farm with Ayesha and daddy. I hopped on a tractor. Ahmed

I played with my toys. Tyanu

I made my mum breakfast and my mum loved my present. I found a branch and I went out for a picnic on Mothers Day and my friend Scout came over and we watched Matilda. Ela

I coloured at my house. Emily

My friend Edie came over and we both went to the pub with my mum and mum weared her necklace to the pub. Grace H

I went to my Nannas house.I had dinner. We had chicken kebabs and I had one whole one. Zoe

I went out for Mothers day to mini golf and my mummy opened her present. Cameron

I go to Spurs. I had ice cream and chips and nuggets. Noah

I watched golf with my dad. Sean

I went tot he park and I rided my bike and when we got home, I had a piece of chocolate. Grace M

I watched rugby.It was the All Blacks against the Rabbitohs. Spencer

My mummy liked her present and she let me wear the necklace. Ella-Rose

I went out for lunch on Mothers Day and I gave mum her present and I made scrambled eggs for her and a cup of tea for her. Lilly

I went to the beach and the park. Gracie

I went to have breakfast and I made my mum breakfast. I made her a sandwich with jam. Sabrina

I was writing with a stick.I burnt it. I wrote mum and dad and I drawed. Declan

I gave my mum my present and she thought it was good. Elaina

I got some pig, black pigs and they are named Pepper and Minny. They are real. They live with my geese. Mason

I played my play station. Bailey

I watched football on TV. Callan

I went to my Nannas and I coloured in. Ben

I had some waffles with ice cream on. I went with Eva and Holly and mum and dad. Scarlet


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