If the Bridge Disappeared!

In the “Three Billy Goats Gruff” they cross a bridge to get to the  green grass! We  used our imagination and talked about different ways to get to the other side if the bridge was not there! 

 If there was no bridge I would………………….

Swim and get a boat. Tori

Swim across with goggles and if I needed help I would get a turtle to help me. Elaina

Ride a dolphin across. Grace M

Get a spider web and swing over it. and then my mummy will put my spider web wheels in the bin. Lilly

Fly over on a butterfly. Gracie

Get a speed boat. Spencer

Go in a tea cup, the ones that spin around. Ella-Rose

Jump and I would have to jump really high. Sabrina

Run and then jump. Scarlet

Get a helicopter from England. Callan

Get on a rosket. You can put it on your back and press a button and the fire comes out and shoot you over. Mason

Get an aeroplane , a jet. Ben

Get a ship and it will hit the troll and the troll dead. Ahmed

Get dad to help build monkey bars and then use them to swing over. Ela

Just ride my bike around the river. Zoe

Dig under the river and make a tunnel. Declan

Get a sailing boat and sail across. Grace H

Get mum to help me make a jump and I would jump up and down the other side. Cameron

Fly on an eagle. Noah

Pull the tree back and it would fling me over. Bailey

Walk over on the rocks. Emily

Ride a shark. Tom

Great Imaginations!


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