When Callan was being interviewed for his birthday last week by Sebastian, he was asked the very important question, “What vegetable do you hate the most?”

Usually with this question, we are very quick to answer! Callan however was very quick to answer that there was no vegetable he didn’t like. He liked them all!

We could not believe our ears! Could this be true? A child that liked all vegetables!

We could only stare in horrified amazement!

However we were not convinced! As soon as we came to our senses, we thought of a  whole range of disgusting vegetables to question Callan with!

Someone mentioned tomatoes which Callan hesitated over but this was soon thrown out of court as it was ruled that a tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable.

Tom came up with “White Broccoli”.

Mrs Thieme had not heard of this vegetable before. Was it an exotic variation of broccoli?

Well Mrs Thieme was the only one who had not heard of this vegetable before!

We all knew! It’s cauliflower!” we all informed Mrs Thieme!

Of course! Silly Mrs Thieme. She should have known that one!

Mrs Thieme is so lucky that we keep her up to date with our world!



  1. Jess Parin · · Reply

    I wondered why Tom had suddenly discovered my little white lie!! He’ll eat broccoli and white broccoli by the bunch but will not touch cauliflower! It’s all in the name!


    1. It was so funny!! I really do learn such a lot from my kids! 🙂


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