I Help!

No one helped the Little Red Hen make the bread but we are great helpers!

We discussed how we help!

I help mum feed my dog. Callan

I help mum do her hair. I brush it. Tori

I help mum do the washing and I pack away. Spencer

I help dad fix my fire engine. Ahmed

I help mum when my brother poos. Sabrina

I help mum make pancakes. We make them lots of times at the weekend. Tom

I help pack away my room by putting toys in the toy box. Tyanu

I help daddy do the caravan. I give him the screws. Zoe

I help my brother find my friend Scout’s glasses and mirror and I help him by touching him on the back when he was coughing. Ela

I help my mum clean up my dogs vomit. Mason

I help my sister clean up her room. Scarlet

I help to feed my bird. Emily

I tidy my room when my mum tells me to. Gracie

I help mum make cupcakes. Chocolate ones. Noah

Me and my brother help by doing the dishwasher. Declan

My mum  clean the house and I pack the toys up. Bailey

I help mummy by picking flowers fro her outside. Ella-Rose

I help mummy make cakes.I help dad sometimes to do work on the computer. Grace H

I help mummy put the washing on the washing line. Ben

I help because I make cupcakes with mummy. Elaina

I help mummy clean up my room. My brother makes a mess in his new room. Lilly

I help mum make dinner.I do what my mum tells me. Cameron

I help feed the cats. Grace M



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