On the Weekend!


On the weekend…

I went to the pub and I had pizza and there was a playground. Grace M

I went to the beach with my mum and my dad and my big brother. Tori

I had some waffles for breakfast with whipped cream and Maple syrup. Scarlet

I went to Declan’s party. and I played with Cameron. Declan

I went to Rachael’s and I had a little bit of a play. Tyanu

I went to Callan’s party. Gracie

I went tot he crashing rocks.I saw the waves crashing on the rocks and they crashed even me because the wind picked up. Zoe

I went to the movies. I saw Boss Baby. He wasn’t putting his clothes on. I went with my dad and my brother and my sister. Lilly

I played at the beach. Emily

I played on my trampoline with Jesse. Noah

I had a little party in my bedroom with my family but not mum. She was asleep. Elaina

I stayed home a little bit and then I went to Callan’s party. Dad didn’t come coz he was at work. Tom

I went to ballet and I went to the ships with my daddy and I went to my friends Edies. Grace H

I fixed my bike with my dad at the shed and I went to Callan’s party. Mason

My mum did my hair. Sabrina

I went to the park with mummy and daddy and my brother and we went Ten Pin Bowling and I won. Cameron

I went to Gemma’s and had a play and I was playing with Gabby’s clothes. Ella-Rose

I went to the shop with my dad and he bought me tools  and I went to my Grandmas and she has a quad bike and I went on it. Bailey

I went to ballet and my friends house and I pretended to build a new house and I jumped on the bed. Ela

I went to Callan’s party and I watched a movie. “The Good Dinosaur”. Ben

I played on my trampoline. Spencer

I played football with my team and I went to my party. It was at Go Bananas. I went to my nannies and I watched football. Callan



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