Milo’s Cousin Arrives!

For a few weeks now, going back to last term, Milo, our class monkey has been telling us about his cousin who was on her way to Tapping all the way from Africa! We were not sure if he was just tricking us!!!!!!!

Last week he told us that it was this Tuesday that his cousin was arriving. All he knew was that she was a girl, she is younger than Milo and she was on her way via Australia Post.!! So we were worried his cousin might get lost!!!!!!

We were so excited.

We  all got to go to the office to check with the office ladies to see if a parcel had arrived for us. It was quite exciting going to the office. We had never been before!!! Usually children go when they are naughty but not us.!!!!!

The lovely office lady Mrs Cunningham checked the post but unfortunately no parcel. We were so disappointed. She told us that she was sure it would come in the next post in an hour or so. She asked us if we could wait till then. We all said NO!!!!!

But we had to!

At lunchtime we saw the postman arrive at the school and a lot of us were sure we saw him carrying a parcel!

Lucky for us, Mr Boylan checked the post and in he walked with the parcel! It was bouncing all over the place  and Mr Boylan was finding it difficult to keep hold of. At one point he nearly dropped it!!!!

Mrs Thieme was worried he might drop our precious cargo!

We were so excited!! So was Mr Boylan and Mrs Thieme!

It was all wrapped up and it had an African stamp stuck to it.

There were air holes cut into the box. Mr Boylan asked us why we thought this was so and it was Zoe who said “It’s so she can breathe!”

Mrs Thieme managed to get us all sitting down and took  the paper  off ! . It looked promising. The first thing we saw as the box was opened was some disgusting banana skins.  Yucky! We all laughed!!!It just had to be Milo’s cousin!!! Then out from the box  emerged a tired looking monkey…… very similar in looks to Milo! Yes his cousin was here!! We all cheered!! Amazingly she had got through immigration, bananas, and all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. Jessica Thackwray · · Reply

    Sounds like such a fun day! I have been bed ridden most of the week, I can’t wait to catch up on all the news and ask Elaina about this!


    1. Yes Elaina told me you were not well. 😦 Hope you are on the mend now!:)


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