Brave Scarlet!

Scarlet had an accident in the playground on Monday. She collided with a pole in the playground.

Many of us in our little lives have collided with the playground poles, even Mrs Thieme, but no one has collided with it like Scarlet!

She hit it with such force she broke her leg!

Mrs Thieme is not a doctor or a nurse but she knew it was bad because Scarlet cried!

Scarlet NEVER cries!

So Scarlet was upset and rightly so. Mrs Thieme was very stressed and rightly so!

The teachers made her a splint from the block corner (We knew those big blocks would come in handy!)

Scarlet’s mum sent in some lovely photos of Scarlet on the whiteboard and a photo of her x-ray which clearly shows the break in her leg!

Mrs Thieme is obsessed now with us running in the playground and she keeps telling us not to go near the poles. Funny thing is a few of us have had leg pains and we have told Mrs Thieme that we are sure our leg is broken. 🙂

We are happy to report that Scarlet is on the mend! We can’t wait for her to come back to school as we miss her!


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