Milo’s Cousin gets a Name!

Milo’s cousin arrived nameless. We had to choose a name! EASY?

NO! We had to choose a name that we all agreed on!  Not so easy!

We had lots of nominations from the very pretty to the very unusual!!!!

Here there are with the names of the children who came up with them!

Pinky Rainbow. Zoe

Rosie. Emily

Mrs Milo. Bailey

Pinker. Lilly

Sparkles. Elaina

Gold. Mason

Pinky Bow. Grace H

Cheeky. Ella-Rose

Macey. Spencer

Bomb Sparkle. Gracie

Well what a hard choice. Mrs Thieme decided that we should take a vote! Easy!!!

Then Mrs Thieme told us we could only vote once. Not so easy! We wanted to vote for the name we came up with, and the name our best friend came up with and then the name or two that we really liked!!!!!!!!

Anyway after a very lengthy procedure which involved voters being removed from the mat once they had voted to prevent them voting again, the winner was the name Rosie closely followed by Mrs Milo!

Welcome to our class Rosie!


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