Huff and Puff!

Today some of us constructed our own little houses out of boxes and other bits and pieces. It was an activity we  could choose if we wanted to! We tried to make sure we made sturdy strong houses that a wolf could not possibly blow down. 

We then sat in a circle and one at a time we put our houses to the test. We picked a friend to have a go at being the Big Bad Wolf and having a go at blowing down our houses. The wolf got to wear the wolf head!

It was lots of fun and all of our houses survived the most severe huffing and puffing!

Then Mrs Thieme decided to be the Big Bad Wolf !

We thought that was fair enough till she produced a hair dryer to blow the houses down!! She called it a “Big Bad Wolf Blowing machine”  but it was still a hairdryer!

Well  it was a good idea but it didn’t really work. Our houses were still far too strong even for her hair dryer!

However she was not to be beaten! She disappeared into the  store room and came out with what looked like a machine gun!!!!!

We all screamed!

It was the school gardener’s leaf and sand petrol blower! Apparently Mrs Thieme had even been taking lessons on how to use it! She was well prepared!!!!!

What a cheat!

She got really carried away as well and got WAY too excited  as she blew our houses down!

Happy Friday!



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  1. Jessica Thackwray · · Reply

    :’) I just can’t stop laughing at this, too funny.

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