On the Weekend!

Exciting news! For the first time we did not talk about our weekend, we had a go at WRITING about it!

On the weekend………………………

I went to 3 parties.I went to Tom’s and I went to Chris’s and I went to Jade’s party. Gracie

I went to the shops. I go with Ayesha. Ahmed

I went camping. I went with my cousin Hunter.It was shivery.We were all shivering. Zoe

I went to a party.I went to 2 parties. I went to Tyler’s party.I went to Tom’s party.My mum is not  a hundred percent better. Elaina

I went to church. I went with mum. Sabrina

I went to Mindarie and I had an ice cream  and I went with my granddad. Grace M

I went to my party. I got a hole in my sock. Tom

I went to my Nana’s house. It was Donna’s birthday and Ned’s birthday and I had fish and chips. Lilly

I did stay home.I played games with my dad. I played chess. Ben

I went to Nan’s house I had breakfast and  had bacon and eggs. Tori

I went to Tom’s party. I played with Tom. Ella-Rose

My friend came over. We painted and we made necklaces. Grace H

I went to the beach with my dad. Bailey

I went to Toms birthday. I played with Mason. Cameron

I went on a quad and I drove my green one. I went to a party and I went on the swing with Ela. Mason

I went for a bike ride and I did 7 kilometres and I felt tired. Declan

I played on my X Box. Spencer

I went to football. I got new shoes.My shoe had a hole. I went to Tom’s party. Callan

I went to the movies and Time Zone. Noah

I went to someones house and  and I played with my friend. Emily

I went to Tom’s party and I went apple picking. I picked so many apples, I have to have apples every day. Ela

I went to the movies and I went on X Box. Tyanu



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