News Flash! A Missing Gingerbread Man!

 There was great excitement in LA4!!!!

It all started this morning! To our horror we discovered the Gingerbread man we had made for Mrs Press had run away. We were just heartbroken when Mrs Mitchell let out a shriek from the kitchen  and appeared with the empty plate. Just a few crumbs was all  that was left to show he had ever been there. A really good looker he was too!  Just look at his picture!!!!

He had actually made a hole in the Glad Wrap!  At first we were not sure what had happened to him! We had a few ideas!

Santa’s taken him. Mason

A lizard got him. Tyanu

Ninja turtles have stolen him. Spencer

Rudolf came in and ate him. Zoe

A little bug has eaten him. Grace M

Mrs press went in the kitchen and she thought it looked so good she ate him! Ela

A bad guy came and ate him. Noah

A thief has stolen him. Mason

Great suggestions but it was Lilly who came up with a very good answer “He’s run away!

What were we to do!!!!  Someone suggested we split up to search the whole school which was a good idea though Mrs Thieme persuaded us that we should search as a class!!!!

We found the first piece of evidence.It was two photos of the Gingerbread man sitting near books.

We recognized the place straight away and shouted out “He’s in the library!’.

 Off we all  trundled to the library! We tried our best to be really quiet in the library but we were so excited! .

We spoke to the lovely library lady Mrs Robinson and asked her if she had seen our Gingerbread man. She told us that she  had not seen a thing, so we searched the library! We found some more evidence in the new junior release stand.He had obviously been reading!He is smart as well as good looking!

It was a photo showing him in the office on the computer of Mrs Cunningham!

What were we to do now?  We had to try and get him back! So we set off on our mystery tour! We all went off to the office !We were all on our best behaviour which was really hard!  In the office, the lovely office ladies  protested their innocence,said they had not seen him but we could see another piece of evidence on the  desk!  It was a photo of the Gingerbread man in Mrs Mallett’s office!

 So off we all trooped into Mrs Mallet’s office. She was busy munching!! Eeeek! Sabrina accused her straight away! Was that our Gingerbread man she was eating?  Mrs Mallet nearly choked on what she was munching and assured us that it was not our Gingerbread man! Whew!

Then she produced more evidence…another clue!  There it was, another photo of the Gingerbread man and …..

OH NO ! this time he was with Mr Boylan and as Mrs Mallet pointed out..he was dangerously close to Mr Boylan’s  mouth!

 We thought this just has to be the end of the Gingerbread man!

So we all filed in to see Mr Boylan. His door was closed with a big SHHHHHH sign on it. What could this mean? We agreed it must mean that Mr Boylan was hard at work and needed us to be quiet!

Mrs Thieme knocked on the door! No answer! She opened the door!

 Where was he? We tiptoed in! He was fast asleep on his desk with his teddy bear and covered in a blanket !!!!! He was snoring! Cameron got a little bit scared at this point!

We crept around him and he woke up with a YELL!!!!


He gave us quite a fright when he woke  up! We accused him straight up! Called him a thief and a robber!  He told us that he had not seen the Gingerbread man. He then told us we could search his office. We did! We went through his drawers and his cupboards and even his lunchbox!

The Gingerbread man was nowhere to be seen.But then suddenly we found the clue. Another two photos stuck on Mr Boylan’s noticeboard.It was a  photo of the back of a lady  and peeping out of her hoodie was OUR Gingerbread man! There was another photo of the same lady with the Gingerbread man peeping out of her bag!

We looked hard at the photo. Could it be? It sure looks like her…YES IT IS!!

It is Mrs DeFiddes from LA2

How could she do this to us! We had always thought of Mrs DeFiddes as being such a lovely  person! Could we be wrong?

Mrs Thieme and Mrs Mitchell then looked  carefully at the photos and so did we! It became clear that perhaps Mrs De Fiddes was innocent after all. Perhaps she had no idea that the Gingerbread man had hopped into her hood.

Suddenly Mr Boylan produced more photographic evidence!!!

OH NO!!!!There was our poor Gingerbread man plastered onto the back windscreen of Mrs De Fiddes car!

To make matters worse, he was not wearing a seat belt!!!!!!!!!

What were we to do!!!!!!

We thanked Mr Boylan for his assistance and apologised  for branding him a criminal. He told us to make sure we did not tell anyone that we had found him asleep in his office!


We marched off to LA2 and demanded to see Mrs Defiddes!

Mrs Defiddes was horrified that we thought she had abducted the Gingerbread man. She said she had no idea of how he had got into her car!  Mrs Defiddes reckons he snuck into her bag and hood and car and is somewhere in her house! We gave her the benefit of the doubt and told her to look for him  as soon as she got home!

To be continued tomorrow…………………………………………..



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