True Love!

Ella-Rose, Elaina and Tom were all playing happily together in the home corner! Apparently Tom was playing at  being the Dad, Elaina the mum and Ella-Rose the dog!

Ella-Rose informed Mrs Thieme that Tom was going to marry both her and Elaina.

Elaina disagreed  with this statement and announced that “You can only marry one person!”

Ella-Rose  was not concerned. “Well Tom, you can marry Elaina first and then you can marry me”.

Mrs Thieme saw the flaw in this plan and asked the three,”well what happens to Elaina when Tom marries  Ella Rose?”.

Elaina had the solution “We can just swap! One day I will be with Tom and then the other day Ella-Rose can be with him!”

Ella-Rose was happy with this arrangement and agreed with Elaina that this was a great idea.

Tom just smiled as if  to say ” Can we get on with the game now?”


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  1. Jessica Thackwray · · Reply

    These 3 are so cute. It all sounds very fair and civilized! If only it was all that simple!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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