A Favourite Number!

Today we were learning all about number 16!

Ela was very excited. She told us that 16 is her favourite number. Mrs Thieme asked her why.

She replied “Liesel is 16. Further interrogation from Mrs Thieme revealed that Liesel is from “The Sound of Music”.

Silly Mrs Thieme!  She should have known immediately.

A few of us wanted to share our favourite numbers!

My favourite number is……….

Thirty thousand  and six hundred  because it’s faster than a race car. Mason

One thousand because its a big number. Tori

On billion.It’s a fast number. Bailey

One hundred because I like to counting to one hundred. Zoe

One because I like counting to one. Tom

Mrs Mitchell told us that her favourite number is 13 because her birthday is the 13th March.

Mrs Thieme told us her favourite number is 21. She asked us if we knew why!

Ela’s hand was up in a flash! “That’s how old you are!”

Spot on! Mrs Thieme told Ela  her answer was so good, she was TOP of the Class!!


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