The Gingerbread Man Returns!

We  waited very impatiently till the  next day to interview Mrs Defiddes to find out if she really was an innocent victim of this mystery!

Most of us know her really well and we know she could never ever partake in such a criminal act!!

Mrs Defiddes came in and explained it all. After searching her car thoroughly she ventured into her garden to find her dog about to gobble up our Gingerbread man, just like the fox in the story!

Without even considering her own safety Mrs Defiddes rushed in and rescued the gingerbread man from the jaws of certain death!

Alas the poor Gingerbread man had suffered a slight injury, a lost button!. Mrs Defiddes  used her First Aid training and nursed him back to health!

Definitely time to give him (what’s left of him) to Mrs Press and say “They all lived happily ever after!”

Gracie suggested that we should do this all again and we all agreed! Mrs Thieme was not so sure!





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