Monthly Archives: June 2017

Stranger Danger!

This week read “Little Red Riding Hood’ and discussed how she was wrong to talk to the wolf in the woods as he was a stranger. Mrs Thieme then read us this book! We already knew a lot about strangers!!! Strangers are someone that you don’t know. Ela and Elaina Strangers can trick you. Declan A […]

The Rain!

We wrote about the rain! We had to choose whether we liked the rain or not and gave a reason! Most of us love the rain! I like the rain because……….. It makes muddy puddles.I have a pink rain jacket. Zoe I get to jump in muddy puddles.I like to wear my Dora coat. Scarlet […]

Odd and Even!

Yesterday we learned all about odd and even numbers! Mrs Thieme asked us if we knew what the word “odd” meant. “There is a game where you have to find the odd one out’. Zoe “It means someone who is different”. Declan Just beautiful!

A visit to the Theatre!

    This week Mrs Thieme put out the Puppet Theatre and a selection of puppets. She left us to it! Well, a small puppet stand and a few puppets became a massive production! We brought in all the chairs for the audience. We made seat numbers and tickets which we sold to the general […]

Marshmallows and Spaghetti!

Today Mrs Thieme showed us a bowl of cooked spaghetti.She told us we were going to build a tower with cooked spaghetti and marshmallows. We talked about why this would not work.We then looked at uncooked spaghetti and the differences between the two! We then had to choose a partner which took a little while! […]


We have been talking about castles. Ela told us that the King and Queen live there and they can’t have a house like everyone else because they are important people. Gracie agreed “Kings and Queens think houses are ugly. They like castles” We drew and painted castles and then we wrote something about them. If […]

Witch Drawings!

Last week we drew out own witches with accessories. We used edicol dye to paint them and  came up with 4 sentences to describe them.  

On the Weekend!

  On the weekend………………………………………… I played football. I had pizza for dinner. I had chips and nuggets. Callan I played football. I like fish. Tyanu I painted rocks with Eva.I had cake. Scarlet I played with my fidget spinner and we had fish and chops for dinner. It was yummy. Cameron I went to Disney […]

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

Today we read the story of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” .We loved it. Mrs Thieme thinks it is very important that we know the seven names of the dwarfs. She thinks it will help us in later life…at things like quiz nights etc:) Not sure what she is on about! We had a […]

Our Magic Spell!

As a class we came up with a Magic Spell! We had read books about spells and we knew that the items added to a potion are usually pretty gross! Hence our additions  for the cauldron! We had no trouble at all in coming up with something and most were totally gross with a few […]