To Squish or not to Squish an Ant!

On Friday we had a debate!!!! “To squish or not to squish an ant!

As always we had to come up with a reason for our answer! Here are our thoughts!

In favour of squishing an ant….

Yes I would squish the ant because…..

They get on my leg and they bite me. Bailey

They get me itchy. Lilly

They get all over me. Ben

I don’t like bull ants because they hurt me and they bite. Gracie

They get in my shoes. Mason

Ants make holes. That’s how I got the holes in my teeth. Sabrina

They go in my beanstalk. Ella-Rose

They tickle me and I like it. Noah

They get in my lunch. Scarlet

There’s ants in my bathroom floor and I have special stuff to dead them. Ela

No I would not squish an ant because….

I like them. Callan

They’re cute. Zoe

I want the thing that eats ants, to eat them, the Echidna. Cameron

Their friends might charge us. Declan 🙂

They are kind and they don’t bite me. Spencer

The ant is scared of me. Ahmed

I like them. Tyanu

They are friendly. Emily

I like bugs. Grace M

My aunty just got bitten by one on her bum and she needed to have itchy cream but I like them because they are kind to me and because I say hello to them every single day. Elaina


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