The Elves came to our Classroom!

We have enjoyed reading different versions of ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker”

We thought it would be a good idea to see what would happen if, like the story we left out all the materials for a pair of shoes. Yesterday just before school finished we laid out some blue scraps of leather and materials We added some gold glittery tinsel stuff and some flower sequins. We also left  scissors and a hammer just like the story. We were not really sure if the elves would come..but hey it was worth taking the chance!!

We were so excited!


 Imagine our surprise when on entering the classroom we saw the most BEAUTIFUL pair of shoes we had ever laid eyes on!!!! The elves had used our materials and had been busy all night!

We were so excited. Mrs Thieme and Mrs Mitchell could not believe it either! They were fit for a prince or a princess!!


Some of us shared our thoughts as to how the elves had got into the classroom!.

They got through the key lock. Zoe

Through a space in the roof. Lilly

Through the window in the toilet. Ela

Through the pipes of the cupboard. Tyanu

You left the door open and they came in and you didn’t see. Ella-Rose

Walking in on the picture wire. Grace M

Through the cupboards. Mason

Under the door. Gracie

They came in through the blocks. Tom

Elaina thinks we should leave out more materials and get more shoes!

Great ideas! During the day we all found lots of clues, even footprints. We are such great detectives!


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