The Rich Man and the Shoemaker!

This week we read the story of “The Rich Man and the Shoemaker”

Is it better to be poor and happy or rich and sad? In this story, a cheerful shoemaker finds his own answer to this question when his wealthy neighbor tempts him with riches!

Mrs Thieme asked us if we could think of things that made us happy  but didn’t cost money!!!!!!

Wow this turned out to be a very difficult question for us! Some thought it was impossible!!!!!!! You just had to have money to be happy!

Some of us thought of things like our favourite foods but they do cost money!

After a lot of thinking we got the idea.

This is what some of us came up with! Some of us just found this question impossible!

Some of our answers  had Mrs Thieme laughing out loud!

Going to bed because I like sleeping. Cameron

Mummy giving me cuddles and kisses. Grace H

Having a happy feeling like I get in the afternoon. Declan

Sharing. Mason

When I watch Matilda. Ela

Painting. Scarket

When my dad hugs me.Ben

Going to the park. Callan

Singing. Grace M

Brushing my teeth. Zoe

Hugging my friends. Grace M

When my sister tidies my room. Callan

When I want to hug myself. Declan

Going on my dad’s boat. Bailey

Smelling flowers. Grace M

When mum and dad read me a book. Scarlet

Dancing. Tori

Being the queen at school. Grace M

Going to my Nanna’s house. Zoe

Playing with my sister and my brother. Lilly

Going to the beach. Tom

Playing. Emily

Playing with Lilly. Noah

Painting your toe nails and your finger nails. Elaina

Finding beetles. Declan

When I make a cake. Grace M

Growing hair when you are a baby. Mason

Drawing. Elaina

When I cuddle my teddy bear George. Grace M

Going fishing. Cameron

Swimming at the beach. Mason

Doing school work. Grace M

When someone makes me laugh. Declan

Getting toys that are free and don’t cost any money. Gracie

Finding spiders. Tom

Going to the park. Sean

A birthday party. Ahmed

Learning my letters. Tom

When its my birthday. Ela

Buying a free monster truck a free monster truck shop. Mason (sounds like a great shop!)

Gorgeous thoughts!



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