On The Weekend!

On the Weekend……………………

My mum did my hair. Sabrina

I went to motor-cross and I had dinner there and my Nan came too and I had a sausage. Tori

I went to the beach and I found one pine cone and a sea urchin and I went with grandad. Grace M

I went to the park. I went to play football. Callan

I went to the shop. I went with my mummy and I had a hot chocolate. Grace H

I went to the shops. I buy some milk and I went with my mum. Emily

I went to the park. I went with mum and dad. Ella-Rose

I went with my mummy.I went to Noah’s house and I played with dad. Lilly

I went to have Churros.I went with my cousin Hunter.I went to Hunter’s house. Zoe

I went to a park. I met a new friend. Her name was Eliza.She was a girl. She was 8.I saw two big fat birds with knees at the back of their legs, Ela

Some people had crayfish.It was dad and grandad.I don’t like it because of the smell.It smells like my dog and she stinks. Tom

I went to a picnic and my sister lost her tooth. Mason

I went to a restaurant with dad. Bailey

I went to the zoo. I went with my mum. Ahmed

I played soccer. sean

I played football. Tyanu

I went to a special horsey park and I ride. Gracie

I went to Scitech and I went with mum and dad. Noah

I went ten pin bowling. Lincoln was the winner. Cameron

I ate cheesy pasta and I ate it with Thea and I ate gluten free cheesy pasta. Elaina

I had waffles and my sisters friend came over for a sleepover. Scarlet

I went to the park. I went with my dad and my sister. Ben

I made a wooden plane and I made it with dad and I went to two parties and I ate cake. Declan


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