Good Night, Sleep Tight!

We all brought a teddy to school today and they are staying overnight tonight!

It was an exciting day. We painted portraits of our teddies and had a Teddy Bear picnic. A few bears came very close to having a quiet reflection time in the store room but managed to avoid it!

At the end of the day we placed them carefully on pillows  and covered them up with blankets. Then we sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to get them to sleep! A few of us even kissed our bears goodnight!!!!

 Mrs Thieme’s very, very, old bear Fred  has been left in charge of all the other bears, just to be sure they don’t get up to mischief! !

He has been given a chair to sit on and no blanket as we don’t want him to get too comfortable and fall asleep!

Good night and sleep tight!



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