The Queen’s Knickers!

On Friday we read the funny book, “The Queens Knickers!”

During the week we talked about the things we know about Queens and Kings!!

They have lots of guards so they can protect the castle. Elaina

They live in castles. Cameron

They look after the kingdom. Ela

The king and queen have to tidy the castle. Gracie

They have gowns and servants to do all the chores. Grace M

They have a golden crown. Emily

I met a queen once in Italy. Declan

They live in Queensland. Tom

They tell people what to do. Elaina

I saw a real Queen on Foxtel on the TV. Ela

Queens have dresses. Zoe

They have capes. Scarlet

They were king and queen shirts. Lilly

The King and Queen are lazy because they don’t help the servants. Grace M

They have a princess. Elaina

They have soldiers so no one steals the castle. Mason

They get lazy because they don’t do anything. Zoe

They sit on a big red gold chair. Noah

They keep gold. Ela

They have special shoes. Ela

They just sit on their chairs. Declan

They watch TV all day. Ben

They play games like chess. Elaina

They take care of the people. Ela

When you live up to 100, the King or Queen send you a message. Elaina

Yes my pop’s dad is 92. Declan


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