The Aftermath of the Teddy Bears Sleepover!!

What a surprise! 

Our Teddy bears obviously did not get much sleep at all!

As you can see Mrs Thieme’s old bear Fred  was not up to the job of being in charge of security!

Just look at what they did to him! They made sure he was not going to spoil their fun. They tied him up and blindfolded him!

Then they obviously settled down to have some fun!

They were everywhere. Some were reading books and  playing with blocks. Others had settled into the home corner. Mason’s had even climbed up on to the ceiling fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was very exciting trying to find them!!!!!!

It was fun trying to think of a way to get Mason’s monkey off the fan. Elaina suggested we jump up and get it, and Ela thought of a ladder. Gracie thought we could stack some chairs and Tori thought we should place the bears one on top of another to reach the fan.  Declan suggested standing on the table  and Zoe thought standing on a chair would work. All pretty clever ideas.

Mason then suggested we turn on the fans to get it down! We cheered at this suggestion!

We had a vote!

Turning the fan on,won with a big majority!

We all agreed that turning on the fan was more exciting!  We all wanted the spectacle of that striped monkey taking off through the air!!!!!

Then Gracie who had obviously been thinking about this disagreed saying that the monkey might get hurt!

Mmmmmm!  Good point Gracie! We had not thought of that!

There were a few murmurs so Mrs Thieme thought that Mason should make the decision based on the fact that the monkey belonged to him! Mrs Thieme told him to think hard about his verdict and take all factors into consideration! Mason did not have to think too long at all!

“The fan!”

 The class went wild!!!!! (not for the first time that morning!)

WEEEEEEE! Mason’s monkey flew through the air and landed  on Zoe’s head!! We are happy to report that  the monkey  landed safe and sound and both Zoe and the monkey sustained no injuries!!!!!!

After all this excitement it was hard to settle down to work but we did!

Here are some photos of where we found our bears.













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