If I were the King or Queen!

To go with our King and Queen pictures we wrote about what we would do if we were the King or Queen!

I will go to the shops and I will buy Marvels. Tyanu

I would watch TV and make my servants work.Ben

I will tell my soldiers to turn on the TV and I will watch Doc Mc Stuffins. Zoe

I will go to bed when it is the morning and I will have breakfast. Cameron

I would fight the baddies and tell the bakers to cook whatever I want. Gracie

I will tell my guards to turn the TV on. Bailey

I would wear a gold crown. Tom

I will clean the room. Sean

I would eat banana bread every day. Ella-Rose

I will watch TV. I will play. Ahmed

I will kick someone. I will sit down and watch TV.Noah

I will wear ear rings and I will watch butterflies fly and I will sit down and eat chocolate. Grace H

I will dress up in a dress and I will wear a cape. Tori

I will command my soldiers t0 protect the castle. Declan

I will tell my servants to get me tea. Scarlet

I would be nice and I would be good and I would wear a dress. Grace M

I will sit on a chair and watch telly all day. Callan

I will kick someone and I will wear a crown and I will keep my garden safe.Lilly

I will water the plants and I will work and I will cook. Emily

I will eat cake. I am a bad king and I will kick someone. Mason

I will sit down and sleep all day. Sabrina

I will wear pretty shoes.I will sit on a throne.I will take care of people. Ela

I will protect my garden. My garden will be protected and I will wear a dress. It will have jewels. Elaina



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