My Friend Writing!


On Friday Mrs Thieme asked us to pick a partner, just one!

For some of us, this was a very easy request! For a few of us this proved difficult as some of us just have too many friends!

A few of us tried to get into threes till Declan announced that partners meant TWO!

Some of us were a bit put out that we were not first choice !Some of us were not particularly happy with our usual best friend at this precise moment in time, so opted to choose someone else.

Despite all the problems we managed to do the job relatively quickly.

We then had to write something about our friend! Anything!

Declan has blue eyes. Sean

Zoe is five.She plays in the home corner,She has glasses. Scarlet

Grace M is my friend. She plays with me in the home corner. Emily

Callan is 5. He is my friend.I play with him. Cameron

Sean has a cool smile. Sean plays with me. Declan

Gracie is beautiful. She is kind. She plays with me. Sabrina

Lilly is 5. She is kind to me. She dances with me. Noah

Mason is my friend. We play transformers and zombies. Tyanu

Noah is 5. He plays with me. He hugs me. He kisses me.He plays on the monkey bars with me. Lilly

Emily is nice. She sometimes plays with me. She plays on the monkey bars. Grace M

Cameron is my best friend.He plays with me. I like him.Callan

Ben is a boy. He is five.He is my friend. Ben plays with me in the blocks.He is handsome.Ben lives in Tapping .I like his teeth. Ela

Scarlet is my friend.Scarlet likes to play with me.She is a girl. Zoe

Tyanu is a little bit short. He is 5. He is my friend. We play in the home corner and we play with the trucks. Mason

Ella-Rose is my friend.She has a skin colour and we play in the home corner. Tom

I love Ahmed. He is handsome. We roll on the grass and we play together. Ahmed is the one that I like. Elaina

Grace H is nice  to me. and she plays with me and she is nice and she is funny.Tori

Elaina  loves me. She is my friend. She is happy. Ahmed

Ela is beautiful. She is great.I like Ela. She is my friend. Ben

Sabrina is my friend. I love her, She is good and she plays with me. Gracie

Tori is beautiful. She is 5. She plays with me. She is so big.Grace H

Mason plays with me. Bailey

Tom shares with me.Tom likes me. I teach Tom. Me and Tom play. Ella-Rose



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