On the Weekend!

We wrote about our weekend!

On the weekend ……………………………………………………..

I went for  bike ride on Mullaloo path. I went home and Princie came over. Cameron

I had a play date with Amet. Tyanu

I went to my Nana’s house.Bailey

I went to two parks.I had a movie night. Noah

I played football. My team is the Jets.I went to lunch with my family and my grandad. Callan

I did Taekwondo.I clicked my fingers.I stayed at home. Mum made dinner. Declan

I had waffles. I painted.My dad and my sister made the waffles. Scarlet

My baby walked. I watched Ninja turtles. Sabrina

I went with my mum to the zoo. I like the hippopotamus. Ahmed

I went to the zoo. I went with my mum. I went to the shop. Grace H

I went to Penguin Island.I went with mum and dad and Anya. Ella-Rose

I went to the park and I grazed my knee.I took my dog.My graze is still there. Tom

I watched soccer. I went with my dad. Sean

I went to the park with my friend and I went to the dog beach.I took my dog. Gracie

I went to a party, Anna’s birthday and I went to Nanna and Po’sp house and the zoo. Lilly

My friend came to my house. I played in my room. Emily

I went to have a happy Meal for lunch.I made a sandcastle with my daddy. We went to the park. Zoe

I played football with my dad.I fell and I got the ball. I got hurt. I got scratched. I went home. Ben

I went to the beach and I did not find many shells.I made a sand castle. I had a sandwich. Grace M

My Nana and Pop came for a sleepover.I went to the shops. Mason

I went to my Nana’ house because my mum went to the movie with my dad. She watched Wonder Woman. She liked it and my dad liked it too. Elaina

I went to the movies. I saw Despicable Me 3. It was a little scary. Grace M came to my house. It was fun Grace M played with me and my brother.It was fun playing. We were playing coming to houses. Ela


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