Witches! Things we Know!

What do we know about witches?

They have a broom. Gracie

They have a wand. Declan

They have a hat, a pointy one. Gracie

Some have no teeth. Mason

They are old. Elaina

They have a wart on their nose and I have one on my foot. Grace M

They don’t have many clothes. They wear the same clothes every day. Zoe

Yes but at the weekend they change into their scrappy clothes. Gracie

Some will kill you. Tom

Sometimes they attack you. Ela

They have a black coat. Tyanu

They make special potions in a special magic pot. Ela

They fly on their broom. Mason

They can sometimes be good and sometimes they are bad. Zoe

They have yucky teeth. Tom

They can eat you sometimes. Elaina

Their broom is magic. Tom

They have green skin. Ela


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