I Know a Lot!

We wrote about something that we know a lot about!

I know a lot about………………………

Sausage dogs. They are fluffy. Spencer

Witches. They are poisonous.They can kill.They have warts. Tom

My dad.He knows all about Doctor Who and he knows all about me because he loves me and I know a lot about my mum. My mum can cook and I know about Thea and Diana.Diana loves me and I know about a lot about my dog. He loves  me. Elaina

Princesses. They wear crowns. Grace H

Birds. They have feathers and they can fly. Emily

Toys. They are fun. You can play with them. My race car is my favourite. Ben

Bees. They make honey.They suck up nectar.They live in a hive. We can eat the homey. Grace M

Cats They eat cat food.They have a bed and they can jump. Zoe

Sand.It comes from rocks and shells.I make sandcastles. Gracie

Snakes. I like them. They are cute.They can slither.Some can camouflage. Declan

Race cars.They go fast. I watch with my dad. I have a 1000. Mason

Family Feud! Sometimes I play it. It is fun. Family feud is funny.It is really really exciting. Ela

Captain America. He has a shield. Noah

Minecraft. You  an build and you can get the baddies. Cameron

Houses.They have electrics. Sean

Spiderman.He is a swinger. He shoots out webs.He is a man. He cam climb. Lilly

Cars they walk. He has a tail. Ahmed

Dogs. They are fluffy.They are big and they are rough. Scarlet

Bogs.You get stuck in them.You can sink in some bogs. Bailey

Dogs. They are fluffy. Tyanu

Tiger snakes. They can swim. They are poisonous and they can bite. Callan

Chickens.  They lay eggs have babies and they have wings. Sabrina

Beauty and the Beast.I watch it at the cinema. Ella-Rose



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