Eat Your Peas!

On Monday we read the funny book “Eat Your Peas”. It started us talking about the foods we really dislike and the ones we love.

I like chicken pasta but I don’t like pumpkin soup. Ela

I like Coke but I don’t like peas. Tyanu

I love a chicken sandwich but I don’t like corn. Lilly

I like lollies and Coke and chocolate and juice but I don’t like cucumber. Gracie

I like cucumber and egg but I don’t like celery. Emily

I like toast and marshmallows but I don’t like baked beans . Tom

I like eggs but I don’t like broccoli. Ahmed

I like chocolate butI don’t like tomatoes and lettuce and lemon. Noah

I like lollipops but I don’t like corn, Callan

I like lollies and chocolate and red apple and carrot but I don’t like white apple and purple apple and green apple. Mason

I like to eat chocolate but not tomatoes. Bailey

I love everything  but I am allergic to peanuts. Grace M

I love vanilla ice cream and cupcakes and cakes and I don’t like peas, salad and cucumber. Zoe

I love lasagna abut I don’t like broccoli. Scarlet

I like vegetables and I don’t like lollies or lollypops. Declan

I love oranges but I don’t like broccoli. Sabrina

I really like lollies and I eat everything. Ben

I like ice cream and donuts but I don’t like carrots and broccoli. Grace H

I like to ear rice  but I don’t like tomatoes. Ella-Rose

I like sausage noodle Bake but I don’t like tomatoes. Cameron

I like to eat pizza but I don’t like pumpkin. Elaina


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