Our Magic Spell!

As a class we came up with a Magic Spell!

We had read books about spells and we knew that the items added to a potion are usually pretty gross! Hence our additions  for the cauldron!

We had no trouble at all in coming up with something and most were totally gross with a few exceptions!

Here we go!


A car wheel. Ben

A dead dog. Gracie

Poo. Declan

Snakes and spiders. Mason

A bird’s eyeball. Scarlet

A peenie from a boy. Tom

Boogies. Elaina

A pig.  Bailey

A slug that’s alive. Sabrina

The gingerbread man. Ella-Rose

A dogs bone. Zoe

A whole chicken. Spencer

A abba peep and a stinky sock. Ela

Mud. Cameron

Slime.  Lilly

Two snails. Emily

Cat bones. Grace H

A piece of cloud. Tyanu (I shall reach it with a very, very, very big ladder.)

A skeleton. Sean

Worms. Noah


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