On the Weekend!


On the weekend…………………………………………

I played football. I had pizza for dinner. I had chips and nuggets. Callan

I played football. I like fish. Tyanu

I painted rocks with Eva.I had cake. Scarlet

I played with my fidget spinner and we had fish and chops for dinner. It was yummy. Cameron

I went to Disney on Ice.I went with mummy and Anya. Ella-Rose

I went to the beach. I went with mum and my dad and my sister and I went to the park and then I went rollerskating. Ben

I went to the shop. I buy stuff. I played with my toys.My daddy had a tea party with me. Grace H

I went to the park with mum. Spencer

I went to the ice skating.My pants got wet. I got ice skating shoes. Emily

I got a swing. I played on the swing.I played with my brother. Sabrina

I went to a brand new park. I hopped on the chair. Noah

I went to Ela’s house. I watched Barbie Swan Lake. I liked it. I had pizza. Grace M

My Nana came to my house on the train and I had fun.I have a new tablet.I do Reading Eggs. Lilly

I went to the park. I played with my sister. Bailey

I got a bee sting. I got some ice.The sting went in my sock. Declan

I went to a picnic.I slipped in the water and Fred and Linda gave me new pants. Tom

I went on the boat and I went to Cameron’s party and I had cake at Cameron’s party. Mason

I went ice skating.It was a bit slippery because it was 0 degrees but at the end of the ice it was minus 1. Grace M came to my house.We watched Barbie of Swan Lake. It was very very scary.The little old man was pretending to be nice. Ela

I went to Girl guides and I did my promise and  I went to the movie and I watched Despicable Me 3. Gracie

I made envelopes with my mummy.I gave my envelope to everyone in my class.I talked to my grandma on the phone it was fun. Elaina


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