We have been talking about castles.

Ela told us that the King and Queen live there and they can’t have a house like everyone else because they are important people.

Gracie agreed “Kings and Queens think houses are ugly. They like castles”

We drew and painted castles and then we wrote something about them.

If I lived in a castle……..

I will watch TV, I will have 100 pools. Callan

I will have a crown. I will have candy. Noah

I will eat apples. I will command the guards. Declan

I will wear perfume and I will be nice and I will wear a crown. Grace M

I will watch YouTube and play on my ipad. Tom

My soldiers will fight the baddies.I will help them. Cameron

I will have a pet dog and I will feed the dog. I will bathe the dog. Emily

I will have a pet dragon and I will have a pet cat and I will have a pet dog and I will have a pet bunny. Gracie

I will get my soldiers to fight the dragon and I will eat pizza all day. Elaina

I will put water around my castle so no one can get in. Ella-Rose

I will have two beds and two mattresses and I will have kids. I will have necklaces. Grace H

I will wear makeup.I will eat salad. Sabrina

I will kill the baddies. Bailey

I will let my soldiers get the baddie. I will get a dog. I will get a cat. Ben

I will call my dragon and I will fight the baddies.Then I go to sleep. Lilly

I will have 1000 beds.I will have 100 swimming pools. Ela

I will have a crown and gold. Tyanu

I will have a pet bunny.Her name is Fluffy. Scarlet

I will have a pet dragon. He will  be in charge. Spencer

I will have a dog. He will be a Dog King. Mason


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