The Rain!

We wrote about the rain! We had to choose whether we liked the rain or not and gave a reason!

Most of us love the rain!

I like the rain because………..

It makes muddy puddles.I have a pink rain jacket. Zoe

I get to jump in muddy puddles.I like to wear my Dora coat. Scarlet

It grows the plants and I like my rain coat. Cameron

I get to jump in mud puddles.I like to walk in the rain with my umbrella. Grace H

It is fun.I like to jump in it.I put up my umbrella.Sometimes my mummy lets me have hers. Elaina

I like to play in it. Lilly plays with me. Mason

I like getting wet. Bailey

I like to take my dog. She likes to play in the rain. Gracie

I want it to rain because I like the noise. Lilly

I have showers in it. Spencer

It is fun. Tyanu

It is fun and I like to jump in muddy puddles. Emily

It falls on our roof. It makes me fall asleep straight away. Tom

I get to jump in the muddy puddles. Ella-Rose

It is wet and I like to jump in puddles. Callan

It helps the flowers to grow. I l like to play in it.I like the rain because you sometimes watch it pitter patter.Ela

I don’t like the rain because like to get wet and I feel cold. Declan

I do not like the rain because…….

It is cold. Sean

I will get  a cold. Sabrina

I get wet. It makes me freezing. Ben

It makes me late for school. Noah



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