Stranger Danger!

This week read “Little Red Riding Hood’ and discussed how she was wrong to talk to the wolf in the woods as he was a stranger.

Mrs Thieme then read us this book!

We already knew a lot about strangers!!!

Strangers are someone that you don’t know. Ela and Elaina

Strangers can trick you. Declan

A stranger is a a person who is mean and wants to take you for their kid. Grace M

Strangers are people who look strange. Gracie

Strangers want to take you if they only had one child and they want two. Grace M

Strangers try and get you away from your mum and dad.  Mason

We must not talk to strangers but we can talk to adults. Noah

Strangers can trick you with sweets and a cat and a dog. Ela


This is what we would do if a stranger approached us:

Pull his hair out. Declan

Call my brother Jesse and he can kick the stranger really really hard. Noah

Punch their face.  Tyanu

Get my dog to scratch them. Tom

Run away and shout for your mum and dad and say “Help”, “Help’!Ela

Get a lolly. Put it in their mouth and slap their head on the lolly. Gracie

Get their hand and fling it back. Grace M

Set the wolf on fire. Tom

Kick him in the butt. Elaina

Call your dog to bite the stranger. Mason

Call my Nanna and she will take me to her hpise. Zoe

Get a unicorn to fly up and save you. Ella-Rose

Call someone to give me a plan and call 000. Ela

Get a chair and whack them in the face. Bailey

Run fast. Sabrina

Throw my scooter at them. Tyanu

Punch him in the back. Lilly

Scream. Declan

Get a scissors and cut his body. Mason

Get a dog to bark at him. Ella-Rose

When I am am an adult I will ride a dirt bike and I will run him over. Tom

Call for help. I will call my sister Jade . No I am stronger than Jade so I will call dad coz he is the biggest. Callan

Call the police. Spencer

I will karate kick them in the face. Ben

Kick them in the face. Lilly

Punch them and kick them. Declan

Call my  cat to scratch out their eyeballs. Cameron

Call my sister to get a hammer to get the stranger. Mason

Strangers don’t stand a chance with this lot!



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