Monthly Archives: July 2017

On the Weekend!

We wrote about our weekend! On the weekend ….. I had chocolate cake.I went to the park and I had a bike ride. Zoe I went to the circus. I saw a clown. His car can talk. Bailey I had ice cream. It had sprinkles and sauce.I watched TV. I had soup. Scarlet I went […]

Fortunately Unfortunately!

  Our First Fortunate Unfortunate Story!   Mrs Thieme started us off with the first line and we went on from there! Once upon a time there was a girl. Mrs T Unfortunately she vomited in the bed. Gracie Fortunately her dad went to get her a new bed. Ela Unfortunately she vomited again on […]

How do Shows get on TV?

We were chatting about the shows we like on TV! Mrs Thieme asked us, “How do the shows get on TV?” We had a little think and this is what a few of us came up with. People do a movie and they send it on electricity and there is actually a wire that plugs […]

Spider Art!

We used oil pastels to draw a spider!

If I saw a Spider!

Our writing topic! If I saw a spider I would…………… Run and jump on the spider. Cameron I will call my mum to kill it. Tyanu I will jump on it and break its head. Bailey I would run to my mum and dad and I would get help. I would be safe. Ben Run […]

Spider Webs!

We have been learning all about spiders. We drew and painted our own webs and the spider to go with it.We then wrote out some spider facts to go with our art work!                                    

What do we know about Spiders?

Some of us told Mrs Thieme some things we already knew about spiders!!! Redbacks hurt us. Tom They bite. Mason They make webs. Emily They have 8 legs. Grace M They have red eyes.  Lilly The biggest is the Bird Catcher. Ela They have 8 eyes. Grace H They climb. Noah The eggs are made […]


A few of the children were chatting about their dad. Tom said “My dad’s hair is brown and grey.” Noah “Well your dad must be getting old then.” Zoe “Mrs Thieme must be old too because her hair is going grey.” Noah “No she’s not old. She’s only 21!” Mrs Thieme loves how honest we […]

Our New Classroom Pet!

 We have a new pet! We are very excited! We have been learning a lot about him. He is an Axolotl commonly known as a Mexican Walking Fish. Axolotls are actually amphibians like frogs and toads. Amphibians usually develop from an egg into a larval form and finally into an adult. But axolotls remain in […]

Our Mini Beast corner!

We each designed a flower to brighten up out mini beast corner!