My Dad!

Last week wrote about our dads!

My Dad!

My daddy is 44 years old.My daddy works in Subiaco school. He is a music teacher. He does great work. Ela

My dad likes to ride his dirt bike. My dad has black hair. My dad likes the Eagles.Tom

My dad likes yellow. My dad likes Coke. Tyanu

My dad likes chips. My dad has a Freeze Ray and he freezes the bad guys. Noah

My dad works at Woodside. He has black hair. He has a beard.He plays Lightsabers with me. Cameron

My dad is big. My dad looks at me. My dad likes to eat fish and chips. He is so beautiful. Grace H

My dad has black hair. My dad plays with me.My dad has a blue car. Sabrina

My dad loves me and Thea and Diana. My dad has a coffee all the time.He likes to play with me and Thea and Diana. My dad loves me all the time. Elaina

My daddy gives me hugs every day. and my daddy kisses me. I love my dad. He is a boy. Gracie

My dad has a white car. He likes to play Uno. He likes beer. Callan

My mum plays netball. My mum is kind to me. Spencer

I like him. He is cool. Sometimes he takes me to school. He likes beer. Declan

My daddy is 40. He likes to watch the Infomix. He cuddles me. Zoe

My dad has black hair.He is tall. He lives in Australia. He used to live in England. He is the best dad in the world. Grace M

My dad is 24. He is fun. He plays fun jokes. He likes to drink coffee. Ben

My dad likes apples and fish and chips. Bailey

My dad is silly. He plays with my card. We hug. He drinks beer. He is 36. Mason.

My dad has spiky hair and he is 38 years and I love him so much. Lilly

My dad loves me ad had black hair. I love my dad. Ella-Rose

My dad likes chocolate. He is funny. My dad has black hair. Scarlet


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