Fairy Tale Party!

We loved our Fairy Tale dress up day!!!!

We all looked so amazing apart from Mrs Thieme who looked downright ugly!

Mrs Thieme thought our costumes were all amazing!

Zoe was a beautiful Rapunzel and Grace M was such a lovely Cinderella, so beautiful especially compared to her ugly sister!

Gracie was a beautiful Elsa, Emily a pretty fairy and Sabrina an elegant princess.

Bailey made such a cute Harry Potter complete with scar! 

Ela, Elaina and Grace H were just perfect as Little Red Riding Hoods along with Scarlet who despite a broken leg made a very enchanting Snow White!

Declan, Noah, Lilly, Mason and Tyanu made fearsome pirates! We all loved Mason’s eyebrows which moved slightly a few times during the day! (Mrs Thieme was very envious of those eyebrows! )Tom was a very brave knight in shining armour and Cameron made a perfect Robin Hood complete with bow and arrows!

Ben and Callan were fabulous as Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk.  Callan came along with the whole beanstalk, while Ben had the axe ready to chop it down!

We had a fun day! The party food was just the best(thanks to our mums and dads)!  We ate heaps and played fun games! Our photos are in the photo album.



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