On The Holidays!


We talked about our holidays and we wrote about them!

On the holidays……………………………………

I went to ice skating.I had special skates that went over my shoes.In the middle of the night, my mum was vomiting. Noah

I went to Queensland.I did go to dinner.I had rice. We had beds. We played. Ella-Rose

I went to the hospital. I went in the bus.I went to the city. Ahmed

I went to Rachael’s. Then I was going home. Then I did words. Tyanu

I went to Elaina’s birthday It was at Atlantis. Elaina is six and my friend had a sleepover. She is Jayde Ross. Gracie

I went to Laser Tag.I went with my mum. Bailey

I went to the movies to watch Transformers.We had popcorn. Spencer

I went to Kalbarri.I ride on my bike.I had dinner at camp. Declan

I went down South.I went in a  big maze.We got to the towers.We looked at what towers we needed to go to. Cameron

I planted flowers that you can eat and that have sprouted and I had a wonderful time. Grace M

I did my homework.I went with someone to the shop.I got to my friends hose and I did make up. Emily

I hopped in the pool. It was cold.I went to the park. I had cake and I had a little play. Mason

I went to my Nanna’s house and I had a sleepover and we went to the park,I went to see Cars 3. Zoe

My dad looked at a dirt bike. He might buy it.I farted .It was funny. Tom

I went glamping. Glamping is a bit like camping but more comfortable.I went to Ngilgi cave and a lighthouse that weighed the same as the cave. Ela

I went to the skate park. I went on 4 buses.I went to pick up my mum’s car. Callan

I went to Nanna’s house and I had three sleepovers and I played with Bonny and I go to Nonna’s house. Lilly

I went to my friends house for a sleepover and I went skating. Scarlet

I went to play in the park. I got my dads car petrol. Ben

I went to Bali and I had 12 sleeps and I had fun and we went walking. Tori

I went to the shop and I went to my brother’s house.I went for dinner. I had chicken and chips.I went to the park and I ran around with my dog. Grace H

I went to  he movies. I eat popcorn. I watched Minions 3. I went to a wedding. Sabrina


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