The Bad-Tempered Ladybird!

After reading “The Bad Tempered Ladybird or “The Grouchy Ladybug” we talked about what makes us bad tempered!

Seems our siblings have a lot to answer for! 😉

When people fight me and then I fight them back. Tom

When my mum doesn’t let me go to the swimming pool. Sabrina

When my baby sister smacks me. Emily

When my brother steals my toys. Spencer

When Jesse does wring things and he scares me. Noah

When I play with my toys and mum tells me to go to bed at night time. Tyanu

When my brother doesn’t get out of my bedroom. Grace M

When my sister is naughty.In the morning she shouts at me and my sister actually does bad things. She throws toys . A long time ago she threw a tablet at my face. Lilly

When my mummy doesn’t let me pat my dog because he might bite me. Zoe

When I’m playing with my toys and my sister snatches them off me. Mason

When my sister be’s the mum and she smacks me. Bailey

When my dog bites me. Grace H

When my sister doesn’t share the crane. Ahmed

When my sister smacks me and I smack her back and then I have to go to my room and I feel cross and I have to slam the door. Gracie

When Anya doesn’t share. Ella-Rose

When my little brother breaks my favourite things. Tori

When Xavier says bad things to me. Declan

When my sister breaks my toys.Ben

When Lincoln steals the Lego what I build. I built a police truck. Cameron

When someone steals my toy. Elaina

When my sister calla me something mean. Scarlet

My brother bit me. It was a very long time ago.The bite has gone. Ela

When my sister smacks me. Callan



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