Monthly Archives: August 2017

Build a Bug!

We created  and built a bug unique to each and everyone of us! We came up with a creative name for our bug and then we wrote about it! Advertisements

Things that are Old!

Declan noticed the necklace Mrs Thieme was wearing and asked her if it was a fossil.  Mrs Thieme was quite amazed that Declan had noticed it! Yes it is a real fossil. Mrs Thieme’s dad who is a geologist had found it and had it made into a beautiful pendant. We then started talking about […]

Books or TV!

We had a debate! Which is better? Reading books or watching TV? As usual our responses varied and we had to give a reason! TV because you can watch a favourite movie. Spencer TV because I like to watch YouTube. Ahmed Books because technology is not good for you brain. Noah TV because you you […]

On the Weekend!

It is Monday so we wrote about our weekend. We are getting so much better at including details, like where, what, how, why, and feelings! On the weekend……… I went to Lilly’s party and I cut myself with a knife when I was making a bagel and I went on the big slide. Noah I […]

Spencer’s Birthday Interview!

Spencer turned 6 on the weekend  and  was interviewed by Sebastian (alias Mrs Thieme ) and answered the following questions! 1 Who are your most favourite people in the world? Lilly, Callan, Mason and Declan. 2 What is your favourite colour?  Red.  3 What do you like to watch on TV? Rugby. I go for […]

Happy Birthday Spencer!

Happy 6th Birthday Spencer! Have a great day from all your friends in LA4!

If I were a Bee!

If I were a bee……… I would sting people who rob the bank. Bailey I would fly and I would sting and would suck nectar. Tom I would make honey. I would make people honey. Callan I sting people. Sean I would not sting people. I would make honey for boys and girls. I like […]

Bee Art!

We painted a flower garden and then added a bee that we made from scraps of paper ! We then wrote about what we would do if we were a bee.              

Pollination Fun!

This week we have been learning about bees and pollination. We all made little bee puppets and colored in flowers that we stuck on paper bags. Mrs Thieme filled the paper bags with yummy cheezels! As it was such a beautiful day we went into the playground to carry out our pollination experiment! We put […]

Bread and Honey!

Today we learned more about bees! We learned all about the Queen bee and the drones and the worker bees. When Mrs Thieme told us the worker bees were all girls, Lilly cheered  loudly! We had bread and honey which most of us loved! Mrs Thieme showed us photos from her sister’s bee farm. Her […]