On the Weekend!

We wrote about our weekend!

On the weekend I …………………………………..

I went to Aqua and I played on the X box.I played Spider-Man. Tyanu

I went to the shop and I got a special treat because I asked for it. Declan 🙂

I went to a birthday. Sean

I went shopping. I had chips. It was yummy. I went to church. It was fun.I stayed at home. I played with the toys. Sabrina

I went to Karen’s house becayse my mum goes to work and my dad goes to work. Scarlet

I went snail hunting in Subiaco.I found them with my daddy. I got 27! My mum couldn’t find them because she couldn’t look on the windows.I told her that there were still some left.She went there with Owen. Daddy found a big snail. On Monday it was a special day because it was just me and mum. First, me and mum posted Nain and Taid’s letter. Then we went to the shops to buy some things for the movies. We saw some butterfly and ladybird pictures for the fridge but they were too much money. So we went to the movies. It was Despicable Me 3. I got a big surprise. Noah was there.We got to sit next to each other. Noahs brother Jesse was there too, We got the same food! My mum bought some M&M’s. After we went to the cat cafe. There was a cat with three legs. There was one that licked me. She had a rough tongue. Ela

I went to the cafe.I had an ice cream.I went to the park. I felt good. We were going to go to the museum but it was shut. Ben

I went to the shop with my mum and I got medicine for my sister. Ahmed

I went ice skating and I went to Lancelin and I just had a drive. Mason

I went to the shop and I went with my mummy and I went to my mummy’s friends house to look for snails and I went to ballet. Grace H

I went to Nannup. There was a big sloshy park. I went threw it when I didn’t even notice, My brother got stuck in the big sloshy park.We caught Marron. Tom

I looked for snails with my dad. and I had fun and we had no mire room coz there was lots of snails and my dad mad a house for the snails. Tori

I went to Healy’s house and I got to walk the dog and they got to have a sleepover. Ella-Rose

I got my face painted. I got ice cream. It was vanilla. Bailey

I went to the movies. I went with my mum. I went to Cars 3. Spencer

My tooth fell out at lunch time and I got two coins and I went to my Nanna’s house. Elaina

I went to soemones house. Then I went back home. I had my dinner.Then I watch TV. Then I brush my teeth. Emily

I went down south and I had chocolate marshmallows. I brought the Eagles football. There was a redback. Cameron

I went to play group. It was fun. I loved it and I went to my house and my friends had  a play. My friends are called Jade and Tarne. Gracie

I went to Mindarie and I had a mint chocolate ice cream and I made a bed for Snowball. I had a wonderful time. Grace M

I went on a holiday. I went to have breakfast at a cafe. I went with my cousin. I had fun. Zoe

I went to the movies. Ela came too.I liked it. It was Despicable Me. Noah

I went to the movies to see Spider-Man. I went to Nonna’s house. I went back to my house. Lilly




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